Why outsource to Serbia

Decision to outsource is always driven by many factors. In majority of cases people are trying to cut costs, especially when software development needs are periodical rather than constant. Venturing out in to outsourcing your software development is a process that includes many risks. Some of those risks include:

  • Uncertainty in terms of quality that outsourcing team can achieve
  • Establishing good communication not only in means of information transfer but in achieving a very high level of understanding
  • Overhead in financial expenses and time consumed by traveling
  • Overhead in financial expenses and time consumed by traveling
  • Managerial issues
  • Predictability

Serbia as an environment offers many benefits to those that decide to outsource their software development there.

Excellent engineers and high quality of produced code

Since the rise of digital computing Serbia fought to establish as important market in digital era. As strategic goal in 70s and 80s last century Serbia opened programs related to computing in all state universities. These programs progressed and currently output excellent engineers that are up to date and have significant practical experience gathered during studies. Market of IT services skyrocketed in the previous years in Serbia due to high demand. This in turn raised interest in IT as a line of work since it provides higher incomes and better quality of life.

High cohesion market

Serbia is a small country with IT as a leading industry branch. Government and entrepreneurs realized that IT is a growth potential and that people need to work together in advancing this industry. For this reason there is a high cohesion among IT companies in Serbia, people cooperate and there is a great possibility that if your Serbian partner company cannot provide you some service, they will be able to connect you to someone who can.

Straightforward and honest relationship

Business culture in Serbia honors western principles of doing business. Agreement is honored and contracts are respected. In Serbia your requirements will be met with straightforward estimates. If a company cannot fulfill some requirement or experts estimate that something is undoable you will be informed honestly. In Serbia we prize on maintaining quality and honest relations with our foreign clients. That relation is set above all profits and financial gains.


Serbia is a nation of European culture and was strongly influenced by western values. In Serbia, English language is taught from early school years and people in IT are fluent in English.

Good regional placement

Belgrade is less than 2 hours of flight away from most European cities and with excellent flight connections to North America and Asian countries. Serbia has excellent Internet infrastructure and reasonably low cost of Internet services.

Tourist gem

Finally, Serbia is a country of excellent tourist potential. It offers good food and drink beautiful nature, many cultural happenings and can proudly state as a country with very welcoming people.

ProudSource IT is embodiment of all good assets Serbia as outsourcing location can offer. We have a strong, skilled team with excellent communications skills and strong dedication to delivering highest quality product.

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