Miloš Milovanović

Miloš Milovanović, PhD is entrepreneur and associate professor at the University of Belgrade. He is a multiple award winning scientist in the area of information technology. He authored more than 80 highly regarded journal and conference papers. He is a long standing member of ACM and IEEE Society. He authored one of the most innovative biometric human gait recognition systems based on structured lighting. Currently he is a Head of Innovation center for information and communication technology development at University of Belgrade. He is a founder and CEO of ProudSource IT, a successful cutting edge software development company. He is co-founder of Blinking company and co-author of, one of the first DID (digital ID) solutions on the blockchain. is a product developed on Hyperledger Fabric, where he is one of the pioneers in exploiting this technology.

Why outsource to Serbia

Decision to outsource is always driven by many factors. In majority of cases people are trying to cut costs, especially when software development needs are periodical rather than constant. Venturing out in to outsourcing your software development is a process that includes many risks. Some of those risks include: Uncertainty in terms of quality that… Read More »Why outsource to Serbia