Card processing service (ISO 8583 Gateway module, Authorization module, Communication module), Diners Club International Macedonia
On-Demand Payment Liquidity and Same Day Trading and Settlement system, 9th Gear Technologies
Internal portal for corporate employees communication
Digital identity management on blockchain, Blinking
Internal e-learning system, Credit Agricole Bank Serbia
TCat - mobile ticketing system, internal project
MyNeighbour - mobile platform for living communities, internal project
GameCredits crypto currency Web wallet, DatCroft
SuperPay payment system, CAM partners
MOEEBIUS - mobile app for personal energy consumption management, Belit
Product development of online compensation service,
Usability reengineering of, Vontobel
QA for online lottery games, IGT
Belgian national lottery website development, IGT
OTP eBanking solution, Asseco SEE
Commercial bank ltd eBanking solution, Asseco SEE
Online laundry wash service, UrbanWashers, Sweden
Web eBanking solution redesign, Asseco SEE
CRM for betting system analysis & design, IGT
Portal for managing collection of royalties on authorship in music industry, Belit
PoC for MultiChannel intermediary banking system, Asseco SEE
Card processing service (ISO 8583 Gateway module, Authorization module, PIN management module), Diners club Serbia
Trading monitoring system for Belgrade stock exchange
Sport betting system, Astra sport bets
Instructional design training program, Banca Intesa a.d and Credit Agricole a.d, Belgrade
Asseco service center , Belgrade
eLearning system, Procredit bank a.d, Belgrade
Feasibility and development of public eProcurement portal
Comparison of Web technologies report, Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance, Belgrade
Feasibility and supervision of video surveillance for monitoring vehicles and distributed informational system for Parking service
Web-oriented Broker Information System, Galenika broker, MaxDill, Jorgic broker
Mobile Restaurant Software, RCH S.p.A, Italia
M-commerce Application – Mobile trader, Srbolek A.D.
“Benetton IS” (POS and Back Office), Belgrade
mVoice v1.0”, (PalmOS application), P.A.M.E.T, Belgrade
Danish Refugee Council IS, Belgrade